Don’t Call It A Comeback: Chambers 45


Come celebrate the return of Chambers 45 with the WE ALL IN family this Friday!

Dope music. Food. And an ill location.

Show love and support.

It’s going to be a night you won’t want to miss mos def!

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09/29/2014 · 01:00

Protect the Breasts!

As many of you may have heard I’ll be campaigning for Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention all of October which is indeed the official Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I’m excited to announce that NURSERY RHYMES will be linking up with SLPG to throw a collaborated event called PINK PARTY AT THE PEACOCK. It’ll be held on October 19th in Orlando, Fl. Where do you come in? We’re taking donations and giving proceeds from the event to the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation which was established by three women in Miami. They’re all about research and education which is why I chose them to be the receiver. Hiphop has always been more than music and a big part of why I even wanted to do something for the community is to bring the culture back to reaching out and helping where we can. Read. Donate. Share. All efforts are extremely appreciated!






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VOTE: Setgang

Setgang is at it AGAIN! Once more they’ve been nominated for Best Group for the annual Ohio Hiphop Awards. As I said in my cover story (click here if you missed it) these men are hard working and only push quality out for the masses. That must be a true opinion if they’ve already taken home an award from the same event, right? Right! So, help them keep up their streak. If you’re a reader from Ohio you should mos def get on game fast! It only takes a smidget of your time. You have until the end of September to vote but don’t delay it. Every vote counts and with the ability to vote once a day you have PLENTY OF time to make sure yours does as well!





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Worthy Listens: Projects That You Have to Respect

We all need music with some type of substance. not necessarily inspirational music, but that type of music that reminds you why you even love hiphop. The kind that makes you stay on game with who in the local scene is dropping projects. The two tapes below are exactly those things. Both Yung Cin and A-Minus give their all to their music and after listening to either or, preferably both, you’ll walk away mos def appreciating what they’re giving to the culture. Let’s dig in…






When I received a link of Yung Cin’s music I was curious. When I get the opportunity to check out an artist I’ve never heard before I prepare my ears and my mind to be as open as possible. His project was a confirmation that it was a right move. #FarewellToFree is a tape that makes your whole life feel relatable. Whether you’re parent or you’re just living life trying to figure things out Cin caters to the daily movements of living in this world. Allowing us glimpses into his personal story while also feeding us back our own thoughts it’s mos def a dope project trigger parts of yourself. No worries, it’s not all a big stream of consciousness, Yung Cin has an ill production that’ll satisfy your need for your need to chill, take a ride, or spin while the homies are over chilling. Bar wise he mos def gives a storyteller point of view with ill features that no doubt enhance it. Hiphop lacks in this department so much these days I fully appreciate that Cin could craft this into his vision for sure.  Spin, indulge in it, think on it, and repeat. Yung Cin put his soul in this, allow yours to be pulled in.








Gosh, can I just take a second and say how much I appreciate the work A-Minus puts in? This man gets more seasoned with each drop he does. His growth is crazy quick and his dedication to what he does has been endless. If you haven’t become a fan yet then I don’t know what you’re waiting on. His newest release Field Trip easily gives you so many reasons why you need to be on game. Lyrically sound A-Minus goes crazy with the bars the only way he can. Exuding that classic hiphop attitude of confidence and finesse he makes every track sound like it’s unbeatable. With dope production work done by Stereo Symphony A-Minus rocks each joint with solid concepts, delivery, and personality. Something done that I actually liked was how he pretty much stood alone. No features except Jimmy Stoner (who I adore). This allowed the spotlight on him and you truly get a full taste of what he has to offer the game. Bold move? Only if you’re not smooth enough to pull off and his case he was ever bit ready to make this happen. Get hip soon. A-Minus has the bus waiting to load up, let him take you on a ride real quick. There’s a lot to see.


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Crown Season’s Here, High Royalty Ain’t Dethroned

There’s something about High Royalty that I adore. Musically they have yet to disappoint me. Always giving something new in their music while maintaining who they are I can’t ever help but respect their hustle. So how overjoyed was I when I discovered two of them had drops? To say the least I was crazy excited! Out of this moxie crew Krack Diesel released a 6 track project, Welcome to the Palace, and MDizz gave a 20 joint tape, The Resume. So, how is High Royalty keeping their crown or do they need to hang it up? Let’s see…




To start, I was completely hooked to Welcome to the Palace off the first song. One thing I can admire easy is when you’re hooked before you even get through the first minute of a compiled work. Rarely does that happen but Krack Diesel gave it and I’m thoroughly happy about that. When a project is as short as 6 songs you get a little nervous. It’s a hit or miss off top. Krack knocked each joint out of the effing park! With a solid delivery and fluid movement into each song he doesn’t disappoint a bit. The production is crazy dope and Krack Diesel had no issue giving a sick delivery that keeps us perfectly with each feel. Lyrically great you get an solid body of work that you won’t mind giving multiple spins. Go ahead, give it run through. Krack Diesel opened the palace, step inside.



I’m going to keep it 100. I had expectations from The Resume based on Mdizz’s duo project with fellow group mate Young Slapz. I assumed coming in it was going to be full of turn up jawns, that my inner twerker was going to have a chance to bust out from the moment I hit play. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Dizz shares a wonderful array of himself in this project. With solid features that balance him, a nice range yet complimenting production work, and just as wonderful bars MDizz showed me about his music skill than I anticipated. What got me the most was his openness about his life. Giving glimpses about his upbringing and dreams I felt like I got to know about the man behind the music. The Resume expresses growth and that’s always a dope thing to see when you’re a fan of someone’s work. Don’t believe me? Play it. Download it once you discover my opinion is truth. And share it. Mdizz gave you his resume, take time to check it out. You’ll be surprised what you’ll find.

MDizz dropped his video Werk produced by Rowe Shot Me. Spitting about giving the competition that “work.” You get glimpses of High Royalty, well, being them in some spots. That’s always a dope add that I love seeing in visuals. But even though there’s some video games being played MDizz isn’t here to play and his bars say that crystal clear. Check it out and pay attention. A man rocking a suit and tie means business. This is no different.

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It was a chill night at Austin’s when I got the pleasure of meeting Mr. Oshay. Spitting freestyle bars and instantly hitting it off with me vibe wise I mos def have wanted to share his work with the hiphopian world. What better time than right now when Mr. Oshay is out here writing and producing his own work? With his recent jawn For Tha Gram he gives us the clearest picture of what we all see every week: the broad who posts for IG likes. You know, the girl on the bathroom sink? The one who’ll repost a pic because the first 1,000 double taps weren’t enough? Yes, that chick who has a picture for every move she makes! This song is for her. Mr. Oshay says all the things we wish we could, and sometimes do, say when the selfie queen appears on our timeline for the 30th time that day. For it to be done himself the production is super dope! It’s my favorite part of the song, but no worries the bars are entertaining so it’s a close second. Listen. Download. Share like you have some sense, You never know, you might be able to make a Flipgram letting ‘her’ know how you really feel with this song.



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08/24/2014 · 22:26

Hail: Jamz

Man oh man Jamz is out for BLOOD! With his newest drop Hail he’s letting those in the game know that you might as well hand over that crown, dust off his thrown, and bow like it’s a coronation. The production is super dope. It has that “I’m about to rule the world, slave hand me my scepter” type of feel. The music gives that vibe that some major you-know-what is about to go down and Jamz backs it up with sick bars to match. Not letting up in his flow he fluidly informs his competition that going any further with their career is asking for a death wish. Dag. Jamz exudes that cockiness that’s needed ever so often. The summer is over and if you’re looking to maintain that boss attitude you got these last few months Hail is the perfect joint to do it. Listen. Download. Share like you have some sense. Jamz done already told you what it is, do it.








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