Music for G’s Only: Welcome Back Jak x Jak Luckie

Many know by now that Mama has a thing for music “G music.” What do I mean, right? I’m talking joints that make you feel like you’re riding in an old school Caddy, got a squad down for anything, and could be part of a soundtrack for a crime flick. This is the exact feel I got from SVS/Mac Entertainment artist Jak Luckie’s newest project release Welcome Back Jack. The title is as straightforward as ever, Jak is coming back to the music scene and this is his reintroduction so to speak. With that nugget of knowledge in mind the vibe of the tape was smartly done. Giving us a raw mixtape that’ll grab and never let go of your attention Luckie makes sure we know he’s back in. Having a boss feel to it Jak Luckie leaves the musical ear a latent message that even though he’s been absent that doesn’t mean his dopeness has been.

Production wise the tape is pretty nice. One moment you’d have a classic feel and then another will have you ready to turn all the way up. The arrangement of each jawn was smartly done which is so key in any project. No doubt the variety of sound was cohesive but your ears can’t get bored with any of it. “What about those bars?” you all are probably asking. Jak Luckie has a real delivery. He doesn’t sound like he’s playing games, at all. With the joints that he has lined up on his project that attitude was a necessity. Luckie doesn’t spit about peace and hair grease but if you’ve been on the come up and run with real OG’s you’ll respect what he’s got to say without problem. With features from his fellow artists Welcome Back Jak has a down to earthness to it with a window to the streets that you probably won’t experience anywhere else this summer.

You heard what I had to say. Listen, download, share like you have some sense. Jak Luckie is back, embrace him.




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Password x Yung Trappa


#ORLANDOPE is a hashtag you might see often if you hit up the Central Florida scene of hiphop. Within this group of talent is Yung Trappa who can bring it on the stage, but what about in a visual? In his most latest drop Password Trappa is posted at the crib spitting bars about the life so many people from and in the streets know about. This jawn has grit to it so if you’re looking a summer time-have fun with your girl type of joint then this isn’t for you. However, for those who need to bob their head to something that rocks with their inner thug then you got it for sure. What’s dope about it besides the feel is that producer, Red Sky, tried his hand at directing a video for the first time with this. Now, I might not be all about “that life” but I am about the real. Watch it. Share it. Save it. You got the password, might as well use it.

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07/21/2014 · 22:00

November 24th x Swisher Jones

With his threedaycoma EP on it’s way Swisher Jones offers us a new jawn. November 24th is something a little different than what you may normally expect from him, but mos def a sign or artistic growth. Bar wise he knocks it out the park as he always does but the setup is a little bit of a surprise. On the joint he opens with a more elongated approach to open it up and even between some of his chorus as well as bars. But the delivery is super fire for sure! I’m one to instantly admit that when I get comfortable with an artist’s typical style I may not rock off top with the newness. However, when it comes to Swisher Jones’ newest drop I can get down with it because he clearly has expanded his wing span further and that’s worth respecting. Give it a listen. Share your thoughts. Pass it along. This is just the beginning from this man to come off his ep.




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Shine On Me: A-Minus x Maz Michigan

It’s the summer time and besides momentary cuffing occurring we all look for those dope joints that’ll embrace the mood of the sun. We crave songs that make us forget we’re taking classes in this fun season to graduate early or jawns that put us in the mood to do something after a long shift at work. A-Minus of Verbal Vomit Enterprise and Maz Michigan from Indigo Black Tribe have done all of that in their collaborated joint Shine On Me. With a production that’s incredibly fitting you instantly feel like you’re supposed to be out and linking up with the homies while macking a shorty to be your summer boo. After catching the vibe Maz comes in with a beautiful flow that he spits perfectly. Showing off his validated ego he gives a great balance of being a boss while making you like you’re one too. Now, one of the biggest struggles for some artists is making a song work with another person to where one doesn’t outshine the other (no pun intended). In this case that wasn’t an issue at all. A-Minus comes in with his amazing delivery and even more incredible bars adding to the sick setup. Between the both of them the joint is mad fluid and you can’t say one out spit the other. It’s just hella solid, summer, and sick! Listen, download, and share like you have some sense. The sun is out and the memories are waiting. Shine On Me is your opening song. You can thank A-Minus and Maz Michigan later.




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The Motorclub 14

Maz Michigan has been shelling out one of the dopest shows in Michigan. Sadly, The Motorclub 14 will the LAST ONE for the year! DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS!!! The line up is killer for this two day event. They’re must-be-there events for sure. Take a gander at the flyer, tell a homie, mark your calendar, and show up! It’ll be a mistake if you’re absent. Believe that.



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06/14/2014 · 20:51

The Gentleman With Ambition: Atari Jones

When you think of Midwest hiphop typically these days it scrolls straight to Michigan and stops nowhere else. But people in Ohio (yes OHIO) there’s a musical gem that gets rid of stress by smoking. This spitter is one who creates his own sound this hiphopian world and does it quite well. Being diverse in his interactions of instrumental business it can only make someone curious who gets their beats from an outsource but rocks stages heavy in the U.S. So, who is this person that learned to sing while working at Dairy Queen? Or the man that won’t share whether or not he’s single. Maybe you’re wondering who’s the guy who gives constant love to people on their hustle when he’s on twitter but stays humble despite his climbing success. This rare entity is Atari Jones. Though his name sounds like a video game he’s not playing any but you can expect some jokes out of him. Let’s dig into this silly spitter who drops serious bars. Follow me. . .


Many spitters start their music career either super young or a little later in life. Atari Jones isn’t too far behind. The difference, however, between his beginning and his fellow peers is he didn’t quite get his engine roaring until years later. “I realized I wanted to rap around when I was 12 or 13, but it took me about 5 or 6 more years to get serious with it. I got into it seriously when people started telling me they were liking what they were hearing so then it just made me want to pursue it more, also I loved making music.” It’s probably safe to say his fans are glad that he made the decision to chase after the dream. After finally getting in the game Jones really dug into his music and went through the process like any artist to discover who he would be and how he’d fit into the spiral of hiphop. Now, the true question is where does his name come from right? With something as unique taking the name of a game system generations later will never know of and a common last name how does the two exactly come together? “My stage name came from me being a smoker [laughs]. I was playing an old Atari system and the game I was playing happen to be Indiana Jones so I just thought of combining the two.” I bet that wasn’t an expected answer. Even though the creation of name might be simpler than the average rapper his music is nowhere near that limit. With witty bars and strategic sounds Jones has proven himself to be worth more than just a one-time listen. His joints have the capability to reach different tastes while still gaining the hiphop genre respect. An important piece to how he can satisfy numerous kinds of people is the music he listens to in his own personal life. Not confined to a box Atari Jones indulges his ears in a variety of artists. “I would say all music inspires me honestly, it’s so much good music out there that’s unheard…people need to just open their ears.” Yet out of all the people he listens to his most personal influence would be his uncle because that’s who truly introduced him to different types of music to begin with. Yes, you may insert an ‘aw’ here ladies.


One thing that can be easily said about Atari Jones is that his sound is his own. He drives in his own lane with every song he drops and that has separated him from his competitors in the game. But this talented spitter doesn’t suck up all the credit of how he got to this point. “Currently my biggest accomplishment would have to be working with some of the producers I’m working with, just bringing like a new sound to peoples ears. Most of these producers are overseas like Britain, London, Sweden.” Wow much? Not many people in the local scene has stretched their wings that far yet but with his grind and ambition Jones has made that happen. What’s most impressive about him is that he comes with humility. No matter what moves he makes Atari Jones seems to stay down to Earth, his feet never touching a cloud even if his pedal stool is rising. He’s been grateful to meet other artists who exude super hiphop ability. Despite finding all his performances good he credits his best one to be a show done in Grog Shop located in Cleveland. “Everyone was into it, crowd was nice, and they embraced the music.” This is any performers dream and any artist knows that when you’re in an atmosphere like that hands down the experience is amazing if not memorable. Jones sticks to what he finds to be his sound and thinks that it’s a good look for people to do it “especially when it makes you sound good.” If you’ve ever listened to his work his niche really brings out his greatness and after one listen you can tell that he’s smart about the decisions he makes musically. This advice is worth taking.


With success being on a constant roll Atari Jones maintains. With keeping other goals in front of him he tries to make sure all parts of his future are secure. Music goals are definitely on his to do list, but that’s not all he wants in life. “To make my music heard get my message out, also help my family through my music, get a degree for sure, and be able to help support me in the long run…I feel like thats the basics of what everyone wants [laughs.]” He’s absolutely right, that is what people want: stability in living. As clever as he is musically Jones uses his brain in other places in his life as well. One mistake many up and comers make is placing all their chips in the industry basket with no plan b. not saying that it can’t pay off but statistically you better have a backup plan in case you fall. Atari Jones did just that, creating a safety net within the chase of his vision. “Music is always my main focus but if music doesn’t work out for me I plan on finishing school, which I currently attend Cleveland State, and getting a degree for business management maybe start my own business.” Please give this man a round of applause! The plan is solid and if he uses the same ambition in class as he does on the mic it’s no doubt he’ll make that happen. Even though life seems to be fluid for him Jones does go through the human journey of having to being his own and even hitting walls. Many people think that once you get heard and gain fans problems are minute but quite the contrary. “The hardest I would say would have to be the grind on trying to get my sound out there. Like I feel like there are only two sounds that are accepted at this time, and that’s either trap, or edm, I feel like I’m neither. So it just makes it hard trying to book shows, work with certain people etc.” In today’s hiphop culture Atari Jones is mos def not the first to go through this struggle but his drive has gotten him to ears most dream of. Using his opportunities and creating some he finds a way to do his things and goes against the odds. Perhaps at this rate he might just be a trailblazer for others like him who wish to break into the genre with their own personal set style. You may quote me.


Get To Know Atari Jones Even More:

Twitter: @Atari_Jones

Soundcloud: Check Out More Music!

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Skies Read: Jamz feat. Vica

Ok, Jamz seemed to disappear for a little bit of time but over the last year he’s been peeping his head out here or there. Well now folks the groundhog has come out full throttle and his bars are cold as ever. His latest drop Skies Read is the perfect way to start your summer. No doubt a jawn to put on repeat (as I have since I’ve heard it) it’ll carry you from the time your cruising til you get back to the crib and crash for the night.  The flawless vocals of Vica adds such a beautiful touch and her simplistic but dope sound elevates Skies Read without problem. Production? Ah! It’s crazy smooth with just the right hits in it. Jamz has a great flow and gives enough ego with a pinch of reality to where anyone can relate. This joint is so freaking good! This is a believe it or not moment. Please hop on the train because Jamz’s Skies Red is a gem waiting to be discovered at your next stop. Begin you memories of this epic summertime right. I promise, it’ll enhance it all.



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