Hail: Jamz

Man oh man Jamz is out for BLOOD! With his newest drop Hail he’s letting those in the game know that you might as well hand over that crown, dust off his thrown, and bow like it’s a coronation. The production is super dope. It has that “I’m about to rule the world, slave hand me my scepter” type of feel. The music gives that vibe that some major you-know-what is about to go down and Jamz backs it up with sick bars to match. Not letting up in his flow he fluidly informs his competition that going any further with their career is asking for a death wish. Dag. Jamz exudes that cockiness that’s needed ever so often. The summer is over and if you’re looking to maintain that boss attitude you got these last few months Hail is the perfect joint to do it. Listen. Download. Share like you have some sense. Jamz done already told you what it is, do it.








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Maz Michigan Presents Motorclub 14

As Motorclub presented by Maz Michigan continually gains popularity it’s only right that those (like myself) who aren’t lucky enough to go get a glimpse of all the hype peep the film. Motorclub this time was little different. Being a 2 days festival it was mos def an event no one should’ve missed. With performances from MDizz of High Royalty,  Dave Lyric, Elbey Supreme and more it’s safe to say that it was too live each day! But just in case you missed one or both days you can catch up and enjoy the vibe from the footage. Put your phones on and prepare for the specat music. Just make sure you get to the next one!

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08/21/2014 · 23:00

Divide and Conquer: Setgang

If you know your hiphop history then you’re very aware of how important groups are. From The Sugar Hill Gang, Public Enemy, and N.W.A. to the countless others we’ve learned that numbers can be impacting. Sure, you can be Caesar but why not be like 300? It’s always something about having others who are in it for the same reasons as you that can instantly change things up for the better. This can be said for who I’m about to introduce you all to. They’ve co-headlined shows with the likes of Nappy Roots, Stevie Stone of Tech N9ne’s Strange Music Inc., and Ray Jr. of MGK’s Est.19XX just to name a few. They’re unafraid to dip into other fields besides music and do quite well when doing so. If you watch close they have an online army of folks who support them and you just might see the #13@N6 (BANG) after celebratory posts of success. So who is it? Who are these people that are stemmed from Cleveland but can be found in Florida as well as Texas? Who is this group that never hear the word ‘no’ because they create their own ‘yes?’ Simple, it’s Setgang. Let’s jump in, shall we? 



To be an individual in the game can be the struggle, but imagine being in a group? It’s a handful to brand yourself, get your own name out there, and expand your territory but when you have other people in the trenches with you you’d think it would be too much. Yet, Setgang makes it seem like an easy effort, so much so that there’s three extensions of the brand making moves. Let’s begin with the basics. Half-A-Dozen is the founder, CEO, and an artist of this steam machine. Along side of him is Crazy T and together they make up Setgang Cleveland. In Setgang South, a branch in Florida, is RC Sniper, Too Major, Freakjoe da Bizniz, and Suni Talynt. Down in Texas is Setgang Hollywood which consists of Ray Hunna, Felix Stone, and J Hill. It might seem like a lot to take in at first but each group has their own unique way of coming at music. Every Setgang division is like a finger on a hand, all of them are leaving their own print in the game with the same goal of progress in mind. An interesting fact some might not know is that before their known name was coined they began as a label called Killaset Entertainment. However, overtime and with gaining popularity that quickly changed.

 “…when we would show up to venues we brought so many people with us we started being called the Killaset Gang and Setgang quickly became the nickname for everyone affiliated with our crew musically or otherwise. After parting ways with my original business partner I wanted to start a new independent record label and didn’t want to abandon the brand in general, so I decided to keep the name everyone grew accustom to and knew us as…thus Setgang Entertainment was born.”

sgThrough this birthing achievements that most people would die for came along. With glowing accolades such as sharing a stage with Grammy Award winning group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony or even Three Six Mafia, who won an Academy Award, it can be safely said that Setgang aren’t just hard workers; they flat out just get it done. They have tackled and been successful with the old saying “divide and conquer” but that’s the master plan anyway. “Our goal is to make Setgang a household name and work our ways into the hearts and minds of music lovers all over the world. We are a dedicated team of individuals who see no limitations to what we can do.” Each member has and still does work on solo projects aside from their group allowing them to keep artistic freedom while building their personal as well as Setgang’s brand. This also gives them a chance to keep their self identity amidst the bigger picture of things. Make no mistake though, all parties involved have the same goal outside of their own motives. Knowing that they want to expand even more nationally and perhaps worldwide Setgang works as a full unit so that anyone with talent can get their shine. Sharing the sun rays with others isn’t a problem in the least. 

You have to be super dope to be in Setgang. Unlike some who see a talent and try to induct someone because of a one time performance the process for them is a bit different. There’s a set of criteria used to actually pick who would be a great fit with what they already have going. Checking out music is the start but other things considered are the sound, persona, image, and attitude of a candidate. Basically, you could spit all the fire you want on the mic, if you don’t have everything else together they’re not going to take a chance of letting you disgrace the brand. Don’t we all wish more people worked like that? Although there may not be any juice about beefs to be found it’s common sense to know that being in a group with other people can have it’s challenges no matter how cool or brotherly everyone can be. “Group music is easier on the artist because you only have to do your portion of a particular song and then you’re done. But sometimes due to us all having different schedules it is difficult to bring all the group members together to perform the songs live.” Those types of issues are to be expected but with them being awarded as “Best New Group” in 2013 at the Ohio Hiphop Awards they clearly know how to make it work. Bravo to team work actually making the dream work! 

sghSetgang has more than music in their vision. In any plan to take over you have to be multifaceted in your business dealings. One must be willing to be a jack of all trades and even master some of them to truly be successful in such a competitive industry. Setgang has that to offer and they don’t plan on cutting back on their ventures to further expand themselves. “Music will always be the foundation of Setgang Entertainment, but we also specialize in graphic design, artist development, website production, cd replication services, video editing, event hosting and would like to bring the brand to all forms of media eventually including film.” Whew! Talk about having it on lock! It’s safe to say that Setgang is fearless past the bars that they drop. By stepping into new territories to test and overcome they powerfully send a message that they’re here and don’t plan on going anywhere. Building an empire from individual legacies to create an army that’ll dominate the hiphopian world is the goal. Quite honestly they’re already achieving it. While others are taking on one part of the craft at a time Setgang is running through all the doors and each opportunity they take is fulfilling what’s on the blueprint. Get hip and don’t sleep. Setgang is building out here. You rather donate a brick than get hit with one later. Trust me.


Get To Know All of Setgang:


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VOTE: Detroit Che







I’m about women empowerment, especially in the world of hiphop. With the representation of ladies lacking it’s always my pleasure to support those who embody the culture. It’s no different right now. This is something I NEVER, do which is why you all should do this favor one time, but I truly ask from my motherly heart for all my babies to go and VOTE NOW for Detroit Che on http://www.BET.com/Hot16 so she can spit her fire in one of the cyphers for the HipHop Awards! Many of you probably remember reading about her back in February. Some may have seen her perform. To others she might be a stranger but I’m telling you that she deserves every vote that clicks. I’ve already done it. Now, it’s YOUR turn! One day life will reciprocate a favor just as awesome back. I promise.



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On Ya Mind: Setgang

Setgang, oh Setgang. A movement of men who have bars for days and a hunger to kill the game to it’s full capacity. With their expansions and boundary breaking they’ve been letting the world know they’re out here. In their newest drop On Ya Mind Setgang let us know that music isn’t the only thing they can slay. Now, this isn’t a jawn I would usually dig but one thing Mama does respect is diversity. They gave me that. Half-A-Dozen, Suni Talynt, Too Major, and RC Sniper make it known to the ladies that your body will end up being whipped playing with them. But between the lines they spit and the production work it’s easy to say your ears might be the first thing to get hooked. With an ill production to back up their bars it’s bound to catch your attention. Setgang goes full throttle with the sexy male ego women want to hear and spit the words men who “do it well” text at 2a on this joint. 

One of the most important things to me, that you all should know by now, when it comes to more than one person on a track is the cohesion between everyone. I’m so glad to admit that even though each style and delivery was mos def different each person flowed into the next. It’s like one by one they tell us how they personally knocked it out the park without making the one before them look weak. Bravo to that! Bar wise Dozen, Talynt, Major, and Sniper all did their thing. The individual creativity and feel for the track they brought welded well which isn’t always an easy feat to do between two people, but they pulled it off with four! Fellas, if that talk game is whack take some notes. Ladies, if you’re looking for something to add a little rosiness to your cheeks and a spark to your imagination this is it. Spin. Download. Share. Express. Just know that Setgang will be on ya mind!




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Short And Nothin’ But Sweet: EPs You Need

It’s the summer and sadly it’s coming to a close. So as we all wind down with school around the corner and feeling tired of constant albums take a breather with these EPs. They may not be the longest projects on the planet, but their content is still very much valuable…






Gawsh! Swisher Jones is legitimately not one to sleep on. This is a point he proves oh so well with his newest EP THREEDAYCOMA. One dope thing is how cohesive each track is to one another. That’s such an important thing many people overlook when putting projects together, espeically something that needs to be well balanced as an EP. The production is flat out sick! Each joint has it’s own fingerprint despite it flowing with the previous one.The vibe is really chill which you’ll rock with super heavy. Not every jawn is chill in a way that you can’t get your n***a on, there’s some that make you want to dance or ride out. Swish mos def doesn’t play with those bars either. I haven’t heard a spot on EP in awhile but my ears were left quite impressed after one listen. Listen. Download. Share. Most importantly don’t stay k.o.’d for too long. Swisher Jones might’ve named it THREEDAYCOMA but he’s already waking ya’ll up.







One unspoken thing about the summer is that people go rampid looking for that boo to do things with. Yes, spring ends and so does so many relationships do as well just so a fling can go down when the heat turns up. Then, you have those who remain with their long term babe. Well Pico Stacks has you on that no matter what your situation is with his newest EP drop R&B Music. Full of love driven songs and joints that make you remember why you’re fighting for the relationship you have he no doubt gives you that classic couples music. With smooth productions that surround you in heartbeating vibes you’ll embrace your temporary or permanent honey for sure. Stacks’ bars and delivery sound very much like a person would who’s seeking to strengthen and appreciate what we have. With the fall very much on it’s way it’s no doubt what we need out here to cling onward. So snuggle up in the whip or in the AC at the crib with your baby and give it a listen. It just might save what you.








The theme lately has been ‘good vibes.’ People post it, trend it, quote it and all that. Luckily Jody Watts has embodied it with his chill EP AUDACITY. From start to finish it’s a laid back and cool time. Beautifully there’s even a touch of spoken word on there. Doesn’t get more relaxed than that, right? Watts opens your ears with his open life which you can’t do anything but appreciate. Very different than what you’d think would be dropped in the summer he makes sure you forget about all the hype jawns out here. With his smooth bars and even smoother production you’ll feel like you’re on the beach at night. This EP isn’t down time music. It’s good times, wind down, let go, clock off of work and enjoy type music .For it to be his first project it’s a great start to more music to come from him.  We all know how those summer nights can be. A chill out moment is necessary. Listen. Download. Share. Jody Watts has the audacity to relax you.







Everyone needs Jesus. Not just a hit of Jesus.Not just a dose of Jesus. Actually Jesus. Now, if you’re already angry then be my guest. Get your own blog and post what you please, k? Back to those who know the real…after all the lame mistakes have been done we as humans sometimes epically reach up into the air needing to be helped. J.Coore’s Rescued EP represents that. Just 3 songs in length he keeps his messages straight to the point. Whether you’re running after what the crowd sells you or you you feel tired of what you allow in your life one of these few joints just might relate to where you are. With a mini variety of production it goes from lowkey to hello in minutes. Coore bars wise has some good ones here or there. It’s not always the easiest feat to give people your whole heart on a short project but you can tell in the arrangement he gave what he thought we needed. Give a play. Say a prayer. Download it. A little salvation and self reflection never hurt anybody.

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Weight x Damon Plant

I adore clean visuals and this bar far is one for sure. Christian spitter Damon Plant doesn’t deliver a cliche’ “Jesus” joint with his most recent drop Weight. Thought it’s not the longest video you’ll ever see he packs a dope message in the length he rhymes. Giving the view of what most people go through:needing God to swoop us up and give us the strength to fight during our day-to-day lives. Lyrically well done and relatable anyone can no doubt respect the flow and his nice delivery. Production is classic and has that vintage hiphop feel to it. Go on now, give it a play. Damon Plant has something to say, it’d do you good to listen.

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