Color of Life (Review)

Love stories have become quite cliché in current times. The story lines all seem to follow similar paths with predictable back stories. Either a woman finds love again and the man is a psycho or she’s seemingly rescued with a wedding ending. However, Color of Life falls in neither of those expectations which is indeed a pleasant breath of fresh air. Director Robert Butler has delivered a different taste in his film that cannot be matched with what’s being produced by others. Color of Life delivers what initially seems to be a straightforward story with cunningly hidden symbols that the brain picks up as a subtle yet welcomed surprise. If you’re more concerned with your popcorn than engaging in intricate details the power of this film can easily pass you by.

The film begins with a beautiful young woman who has recently become engaged to the love of her life. Amidst her pure joy tragedy strikes and she loses the man who made her every heart beat. Ripped apart completely by anguish and sorrow she struggles to find happiness in life and in turn everything around her becomes colorless. As she continues to drudge onward she one day meets a friendly stranger en route to work. The aura of his presence is a light and in her darkness she struggles to embrace this. However, in the continuation of the film you see her become as a glass shard, broken from life but now reflecting the many colors he brings into her life. Every scene you await a twist of some sort and to the masterful credit of Butler, you get a two for one right as you think you have it figured all out.

In addition to the restoration of the beauty of love there are other note worthy components. A touch of humor is never far off in Color of Life. Unlike some films it’s not overbearing or too delicate. The mild moments of comedy reminds you of conversations you may be in at work or amongst friends. An important observation is that the cast happens to be all African American. Though this wasn’t the sought out plan it became a successful one. Color of Life recreates the black image during a strenuous racial time. Each character being a black professional sheds light on the culture that is often left out. Robert Butler exposes his audiences to a truth treated like a secret: that black lives hold the same emotions, pains, and journeys as any human being with breath. Though this is nowhere near the gist or focus it’s still an unspoken victory for a fighting community. So whether you’re searching for a beautiful romance or a tickle of the brain anyone with a heart can find enjoyment in Color of Life. It just might be what you need to add more hue to yourself.

You can check out the trailer here



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The Unexpected Entity: Bigga_Vel

Certainly we all know that there’s many facets to the culture of hiphop. That’s what makes it so unique, there’s a lane for almost everything. However, not much spotlight is thrown on people off the mic or behind the scenes. It’s mos def extremely rare to see. There is though one man who has a passion for hiphop as a whole that’s taking the world by storm one event at a time. Ladies, he’s single too. Let me introduce you to Bigga_Vel…

The question on the floor right now is what in the world does promoting have to do with hiphop? It’s an unorthodox portion but it plays a crucial role more than what meets the eye. Bigga_ Vel however finds that being in this part of the culture is more connected than most people would expect. In a way being a promoter gives access to what’s hot before many ears even get to tune in to it. “Hosting relates to the hip-hop culture simple because I hear different sounds everyday. I hear the new beats and rhymes before the streets do.” This type of privilege is one that plenty of people would thirst for. Yet, even with the chance to hear the exclusives Vel knows without question he has competitors. Always on the move he ensures that he throws the most epic events to keep his team on top and in their own lane. From hosting a Lil Wayne concert afterparty to his greatest achievement of doing the same for an August Alsina show Bigga_Vel proves that he’s a force to be reckoned with. “In the game its always competition. I love it honestly. It pushes you to go harder for what you love doing…I started from having parties in my dorm to packing club and sometimes having celebrities.” With a clear cut resume and matching ambition he’s constantly conquering the scene event after event. However, behind every brain is a team and Vel never forgets that. Having his own personal brand #TeamLegacy he doesn’t fail to give credit to his presidents Jay and CJ, the legacy ladies, and his cameraman Drag. With everyone in alignment their dominance in what they do expands. Team work truly does make the dream work.


With such achievements under his belt one might wonder what motivates Bigga_Vel to strive at the lengths that he does. For one thing being a brother to his two sisters is more than just a sibling thing. He takes it as a chance to really influence their lives and make sure that they do their best. “[My biggest failure] Would be to fail my two little sisters. They look up to me and being I didn’t have that father figure in my life I try to set the right example.” This alone is commendable in a world where people leave to become something and never look back. Family is not the only part of Vel’s life that has help mold him into being who he is. Ruling the Raleigh, Durham, and Greensboro areas of North Carolina is just a part of his destination but not his beginning. Where he grew up is like many people, hopeless. It was rarely heard of to escape and become something more than a statistic. “I love where I come from. I’m from a small town called Burgaw, NC where you was suppose to be dead or in jail by the age of 18. So no flex, I’m thankful.” To be able to have love for where you’re from despite it’s conditions speaks volumes on a person’s outlook. We all have heard stories about upset cities when one of their own reaches success but never seem to embrace their roots anymore. Bigga_Vel isn’t one of those people and he has no shame in sharing where his life journey was birthed because it brought him to where he is now. What else could you expect from a man who pays homage to his mother and “grams”, both single moms that made him into who he is? Nothing but greatness can come from a person like that. That’s exactly what he’s been producing.

Despite his success Bigga_Vel has another dream. Though he’s willing to follow the path he’s currently on he has a heart to give back. Not just to the community in the usual way, but to reach out to a target population that’s in need of major love and guidance. “Everybody has dreams and they gotta start somewhere right? …but in reality my career goal is to become a youth behavioral specialist giving back to the community.” Now ladies I know that this warms your tender hearts and who doesn’t find this amazing but also touching goal? So it’s a sigh of relief for many of you that Bigga_Vel is actual single in all of his hustling glory. In addition to his big heart he’s also a man willing to learn in order to evolve. With having an 8 Mile moment of nervousness on the mic at his first gig he swallowed his anxiety and killed his hosting opportunity letting it be history ever since. Bigga_Vel finds role models in Jay Z and Smack White which you can locate in the his grace of move making and willingness to give the people what they want while delivering it in a package they would have never expected. Battle rap is his secret obsession and he keeps stress management simplistic. If you truly reflect on how he works you can easily see how every piece of his life and what’s in his heart flows straight into the next. If you’re looking for a good time, the newest sound, or maybe just an illustration of what a man willing to grasp his dreams until they manifest in his hands look like Bigga_Vel would be your stop. It’s the puzzle of life can throw you but once you put them together the power of your picture can be ever so limitless.

Get to Know Bigga_Vel:

Twitter- @Bigga_Vel05

Follow The #TeamLegacy Squad:


Twittter: Team_LegacyENT

Jay: @django_jayy

CJ: @adoredashimmy

Drag: @Imblackdragon

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Crown Season: High Royalty Everything!

Let me so honest with you all. I blog because I love the culture and the local scene is underrated. But there are some who capture my heart alot more than others. High Royalty is in that category. These guys are crazy talented and deserve love for all that they do. They put passion and drive into their music and that’s a respectable, especially when a lot of artists do this just for the show and popularity of it. This WHOLE post is revolved around their latest drops: 2 music videos and their first every album High Royalty or Nothing. Get ready to enjoy! #BadBoys


This is one of my FAVORITE songs off the album! I was too stoked that they made a visual for it. I personally have missed hearing OG Fin in the game so it was a winner just to know he was on here. By no means does that mean Krack Diesel and Young Slapz didn’t do their thing because yep, they most certainly did. Being what I call a “real nigga track” you mos def get the message from the chorus by itself. Unlike some local visuals High Royalty has a storyline and all that in this. View it. Like it. Share it. Repeat. Don’t end up on the curb…all Ima say.





High Royalty has all independently dropped music or collabed on joints, projects, etc.  Them dropping an album collectively is a milestone. Shoot, dropping an album period is a milestone! Easily you can find atleast 4 tracks you’ll spin on repeat. And even more so as a while it’s unarguably solid. The production? Too dope! I’m a fan of music that flows from song to song and HR made sure that happened with this compiled body of work. It can be appreciated that you get to really see the strength of each member and how they compliment each other as a group. The bars stay snapping. I won’t even hold you up. I was quite impressed lyrically with what these bad boys brought. Hit that download button and get to know what the hype is about. High Royalty will get you right!




I feel so very bad for every dude who has a girlfriend. Why? Because High Royalty makes them look like a straight sucka in their cocky anthem Fresh Air. Spitting about how ill they are over a woman’s typical main it’s definitely something to trigger wonder in a woman’s mind and insecurity in a man’s ego. From start to finish they give you an idea of what they’re capable outside of music. For sure you’ll know why they’re self proclaimed bad boys. But I’ll let them do the talking. Go ahead and push play. Don’t be scared, well, ladies don’t be anyway.

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Girls x Mr. Oshay

One of my FAVORITE talents from the O has to be Mr. Oshay. A young buck who can spit and produce, he never ceases to amaze me with what he comes up with creatively. With his most recent drop Girls he’s tailored it to of course, THE LADIES! Specifically made for us to get ready with our fly chicks and step out for a glorious nite Oshay has a fun production that’ll make you feel like you’re ready to rule the town. The end of this joint is my favorite (you have to listen to know why). It’s not easy to do hiphop this far out the box but with no issue Oshay does just that. So get your heels ladies, beat your face, grab your baddies, and get ready to tear it up. Mr. Oshay gave you the theme song of your weekend warrior life. Don’t forget to use it!





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CHINATOWN x Cool African

Ah, Cool African. Always a realist in his music and keeps a dope flow. His newest jawn Chinatown is no different. Using some sick kung fu metaphors he spits bars about how freaking ill he is in talent and what he does in the game. By far one of his most creative records to date smash up of two cultures was well executed. In his visual you go from watching him snack to fighting video game style in his dream. Though it’s becoming popular to do animated videos this one of my favorites this year. Who wouldn’t like to kick a ninja Atari style?!? Exactly. Hit play one time but listen more than once. Let Cool African take you to Chinatown.


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Simon Says (Remix) x Dresnok

It’s so refreshing every once in awhile to hear remixed production work. Yet, this one in particular is a little cooler. Not just because the work is done so well, but the producer is based out of Bangkok, Thailand. Yep, he’s cool just because of that! Dresnok has taken the classic jawn Simon Says and put his on spin on it. Now, we all know that remixing whether it be bars or production can be a make or break feat. Dresnok tackled the challenge and prevailed flawlessly. With a vintage sound, flowing vibe, and head-nod possibility you can’t help but enjoy the organic hiphop feel he brings out of it. Whether you’re an old head or new kid on the block hands down you can appreciate what was done with this record. Go ahead and hit that link. Dresnok will turn your day into a great one, easily.


Simon Says (RMX)Listen/DL

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Urbanimated Presents Pusher Love x @LondonsCurious (Animated Music Video)

Never in NURSERY RHYMES blog history thus far have I received a music video quite like this one. It’s mos def one in its own lane. J.King is a visual artist and his spin on music videos are sick to say the least. In his collaboration with London Curious the two give hiphop a boost in the right direction. While watching you might get a psychedelic or “trippy” feel. Don’t feel crazy, that’s the whole point! Curious gives dope bars and the production is just as nice. There are so many cool things in this that I would love to spoil but in this instance I’ll let the art and music speak for itself. Show some love to this, get inspired, and share. Hiphop is universal and this is perfect proof.

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